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Here at Ab Belt Reviews Page we’re passionate on getting  perfect abs  and we’re dedicated to bringing you reviews and testimonials for the most popular Electric Ab belt on the market to help you make up your mind when you’re looking for your first, or next, Ab belt or toning belt.

You can use the links underneath to go straight to the dedicated  Ab belt review page on this site for the particular model.  We are keep updating our review on different brand, model.  The following review is based on mass investigation from tons of product review sites.

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Sport-elec Body Control System Shapentone Abs Belt

Merchant: Sport-elec

Brief Information: A built-in electrode pad Abs belt providing an economic way in cutting down electrode pads cost

Sunpentown High Power Vibrating Massage Belt

Merchant: Sunpentown

Brief Information: A sore relieve massage belt

Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner

Merchant: Slendertone

Brief Information: Previous model on advance Toning

Slendertone Unisex System Abs Toning Belt

Merchant: Slendertone

Brief Information: Abs toning belt for both male & female

McDavid Waist Trimmer

Merchant: McDavid

Brief Information: Economical & effective Waist Trimmer

Beautyko Vibro Toning belt

Merchant: Vibro-belt

Brief Information: Toning belt with unique oscillation without pads, gels & electric shock

Slendertone Men’s System Abs Toning Belt

Merchant: Slendertone

Brief Information: Advanced model for Men Abs toning

More Coming Soon…

Product available at AmazonSearsBuy.com

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