A Portable Gas Generator Gives Flexibility


One thing that you need to make sure you have a consistent supply of is electrical power, because without it many of the things we take for granted simply would not function, and this is the case on a domestic level as well as a national. One of the best ways to ensure a good electricity supply is to take a look at what is available in portable gas generators.

These gas generators can use natural gas or propane in many instances, but no matter what type of gas they are powered by they can keep the electricity supply running during a power cut or power failure of the normal electricity supply. There are many different types on the market, including wood gas generators, and also those that use gas turbines and bio gas motors, but one of the most important parts of the whole system is the generator gas tanks which will ensure that there is a good supply of fuel for the duration of the power cut.

There are many new natural gas generators on the market with a decent size being 250 kW, a size which is usually enough for the average house. As mentioned above a wood gas generator can be a good choice, especially if you live in a rural environment, though nitrogen gas generators are one of the more popular choices due to the flexibility.

When looking for a portable model it is a good idea to find a standby generator, with some of the more common models being those produced by Briggs and Stratton, and Honda. These can range from 10 kW sizes up to 110 kW sizes, with another popular model being the Bryant natural gas generator, particularly the 20 hp gas generator motor type.

Take a look at Buffalo Tools Sportsman 2000 watt portable generator. retailing at about $190, it has a 4-stroke engine, a 120 volt AC outlet, 1-12 volt DC outlet, along with recoil start and circuit protection. Engine run time is 9 hours at a 50%load, and it has a quiet engine running at a level of less than 80 DB. Also consider the Gentron GG3500 gasoline portable gas-fueled generator, a 3500w generator, with electric start, 110V and 220V outlet, and a 12V DC outlet.

There is also the DuroMax XP4400E 4-cycle gas powered generator, with an air-cooled 6.5 HP engine with electric start. It gives 3500 watts of continuous power and a 8 hour run time. Noise level is 69DB and a it has a 4 gallon fuel capacity and low oil shutdown.

You also need to think about the natural gas conversion rate, and how much power can be produced from a certain amount of gas. If you have a large residence a 300kW backup generator may need to be chosen, either using natural or hydrogen gas as the primary fuel. It is possible to convert a gas generator to propane which will give you far more flexibility in terms of the fuel you use. Any power generator should give you portability and be able to use a range of fuels to give you a wide range of choice.

It is also worthwhile looking at an auto start generator, which will ensure there is no break in the power supply, something which can be essential in order to make sure the refrigerator and other essential power units carry on working. There are some types of solar power gas generators, but these are not yet as powerful as the standard natural gas generator type, and are therefore not as common.

Take a look at the various styles of portable gas generator on the market and you will see there is a wide range of choice. In the end it is simply a case of choosing a generator just the right size for your needs and which uses a fuel you have easy access to.


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