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Vagina Pump Pumping your Vagina

Vagina pumping, also referred to as Pussy Pumping, is accomplished when encapsulating the vulva or Vagina with a egg shaped cup or cylinder that is attached to a  vacuum pump via hose. Then by using the vacuum pump remove the air creating a vacuum inside the cylinder, in turn causing a swelling of the vagina. By using a Vagina Pump regularly it is possible to permanently increase the size of your labia if that is your goal. Otherwise you will enjoy a more intense feeling during foreplay and intercourse due to the increased blood flow to the vagina.

Vagina Pump and the Clit Pump

Vaginal Pumping and Clit Pumping is a relatively new technique and when looking to achieve my first experience with vaginal pumping, trying to find a good vagina pump that was built well and also durable was difficult.However I have since separated the best Clit/ Vagina pumps from the junk and listed the top usable most effective here. The best part about what I found is they are all carried at one store as so you can compare them side by side to find the exact Clit or Vagina Pump for your needs. Remember, just like all products you get what you pay for.

Vagina Pumping CylinderThis is the one Used by professionals. A very high quality vacuum cylinder made from an industrial grade acrylic. This vagina pump cylinder will fit completely over the entire vagina. Once you attach the pump just watch your vagina swell and fill the cylinder.
This device Measures Three in. wide by Four in. long and is Two in. in Depth. Click here for more Details
Deluxe Hand Pump w/ Pressure GaugeThis is a quality built Metal vacuum hand pump, with attached pressure gauge to keep your pumping safe. One handed design this hand pump Works with the Vagina Pumping Cylinder or the Clit Cylinder both. Click here for more details
Entry Level Vagina PumpLess expensive route vs the previous two listed. This is an all in one Vagina Pump combining the cylinder and the hand pump in one. Although less expensive this vagina pump does not create nearly the vacuum the above devices and is not a suitable choice to actually enlarge the Labia. However, I must say it was my first “inexpensive” pump that actually worked . If you decide to go this route you will definitely be able to explore Vagina Pumping and its benefits.This Device measures 3 in. wide and 4 in. long.
Click Here for more details
Clit Pump CylinderHere again is the Professional Version, Very High quality Clit Pump vacuum cylinder made from an  industrial grade acrylic . Attach your vacuum pump and watch your clit swell to new sizes. I have personally used this one for both my Clit and my nipples!this one has an inside diameter of 5/8 of an in.
Click here for more details

Some Tips for using your Vagina Pump

  1. If this is your first time at pumping take it slow.
  2. Don’t rush into pumping right away give yourself a few minutes of foreplay to get the blood flowing.
  3. Try to wax or at least shave before you give it a go. Also use plenty of lubricant these two will get you an air-tight seal and good suction.
  4. Make sure to close the lips of your vagina as to keep the suction on the outside.
  5. Start slowly with a few pumps to get the cylinder to adhere to your vagina ..then release and try again, do this a few times before pumping heavily.
  6. Don’t over do it. if you have any discomfort release the pressure right away.You should only use the Vagina pump for 15-20 minutes at a time if you use it longer you could cause a bad hickey and swell your Vagina to HUGE Sizes! (However that is Temporary.) Most of all enjoy your new Vagina Pump to the fullest, I know I have!
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The Pussy Pump: Funny name, revolutionary sex aid

     The words ‘ pussy pump ’ might sound like they belong in a dirty joke; but believe me, Ladies, once you try this incredible new device you won’t be laughing.  Smiling a lot and screaming out in ecstasy, maybe, but definitely not laughing.:)

     A pussy pump isan easy to use handheld device that pumps extra air from the vagina; and, perhaps even more importantly, increases and enhances the flow of blood to your most private area.

     This increased blood flow can serve to energize and revitalize your vagina, increasing the sensitivity of your private area.  Your vaginal nerve endings will likely get a charge like you’ve never experienced before; introducing you to a level of ecstasy you never thought possible.  That means (woo hoo!) far more pleasure for you, and during each and every sexual encounter; whether it’s enjoyed alone with the use of toys, or with your partner.

The pussy pump for him?

     Furthermore, you are not the only one who will stand to benefit from the use of the pussy pump.By increasing the size, depth and flexibility of your vagina, the pussy pump will also enhance your man’s sexual experience, and in a variety of ways.  He’ll have more room to work in, shall we say, and deeper to penetrate; making for a more satisfying sexual experience for both of you.  Plus he’ll likely get a great deal of enjoyment, and even pride, from your increased sensual response (wink).

     By opening you up and making you more flexible—not to mention more easily aroused—the pussy pump can serve as a virtual sexual liberator; enhancing your sexuality and your capacity for giving and receiving pleasure.  And this is perhaps why the pussy pump is so provocatively named; it can make you more open to sexual pleasure, and perhaps even more daring—your pussy just might ‘purr’ when you use thepussy pump.

Time to try a pussy pump?

     I would recommend that any sexually adventurous woman—or any lady in need of a little sensual rejuvenation—give it a try.  Try the pussy pump tonight and make your pussy purr!


Vagina pumping

Vagina pumping: Put the ‘pump’ in your pleasure

     In the adult toy and entertainment market, a lot of discussion is devoted to penis pumping, or increasing the length and sensitivity of a man’s penis with the help of a pump.  Yet now the ladies are demanding equal time; that is why the fine art of vagina pumping is the next big wave of sensual enhancement.

  My experience with  Vagina pumping

   Speaking from personal experience, the vagina can be a problematic organ.  I actually used to shy away from intimate relationships, this owing to my lack of fulfillment in the bedroom.  Intercourse was sometimes painful for me and never pleasurable; my vagina often felt too tight, and virtually devoid of nerve endings.  I never felt much during penetration, unless one counts physical discomfort and great disappointment as true feelings.

     Then I tried a revolutionary new process called vagina pumping.  With the aid of a basic, easy to use vaginal pump, I actually expanded my vagina—not to mention my sensual horizons.   No more did I feel tight and uncomfortable during intercourse; my man was able to open me up—also open were new possibilities for a joyful sex life together.

    Benifits of Vagina pumping

  In addition, vagina pumping actually increased the flow of blood to my previously troublesome private part; thus increasing my physical sensitivity in this area and enhancing my arousal.  I felt as though I had grown a whole new set of nerve endings in my pussy—all thanks to vagina pumping!

     Moreover, I must admit I felt more comfortable using a pump to increase the size, flexibility and sensitivity of my vagina; as opposed to pills that might have limited effectiveness and troublesome side effects.  With vagina pumping, the only thing that goes into my body is a very pleasing, easy to use pump; one that I can feel working.

     I would recommend vagina pumping to any woman who has problems with traditional intercourse; or, for that matter, any gal who would just like to experience a little extra ‘oomph’ in the bedroom.  In fact, if you look up ‘oomph’ in the dictionary, I’m almost certain that you’ll see a photo of a primo vagina pumping!


Vagina Pump

The Vagina Pump:

  A new sex aid for a new era Traditionally, pumps have been considered the domain of manly men in search of a few extra inches, right where it counts; but in this, the age of equality, I’m pleased to report that we ladies now have a pump all our own. It’s called, very simply, a vagina pump. That’s right, now the ladies can enhance the size and power of their private organs with the use of a vagina pump; an easy to use handheld device that, true to its name, pumps extra air out of the vagina. “OK,” one might be thinking at this point, “it’s great that, in this modernistic age, they now have a vagina pump for women. Only why on earth would I want to pump my vagina?” Believe me, Ladies, I posed the very same question a few months ago, when my best gal pal suggested that I try the vagina pump. When she gave me that sly, mischievous grin and said, “Just try it!”, I went from being cynical to downright suspicious; ah, but being the adventurous sort, I just had to give it a try. And believe me, I’m glad I did. What my friend didn’t tell me was that, when the vagina pump pumps air away from my private area, it also increases the flow of blood to that area. This single action serves to enhance the sensitivity of the vagina; and that translates to more pleasure during each and every sexual encounter (woo hoo Ladies!). In addition, by stretching the vagina, the vagina pump renders it target area more spacious and flexible. The vagina pump, in fact, eliminated some issues I had with discomfort experienced during the act of penetration (not to brag, Gals, but my fella is kinda’ big!:). By stretching and pumping my vagina, the pump made progress; making the act of sex, not only more exciting and fulfilling for me, but more comfortable as well. I would recommend that any lady, whether she has deep-seated sexual issues or simply seeks a little more oomph in the bedroom, give the vagina pump a fair shake—or pump, as it were.:) Try a Vagina Pump tonight, Ladies, and thank me later!


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