6 Second Abs – Ab Crunch Machine Review

6 second abs 6 Second Abs   Ab Crunch Machine Review

The 6 Second Abs-Ab Crunch Machine, is a device that allows you to work out your entire abdomen from the comfort of a chair in your own home.  This device allows you to isolate and work all of your stomach muscles without the hassle of going to a gym.

This machine can give you a more intense workout than traditional crunches, and it comes with an instructional DVD, and a guidebook to help you with your diet and exercise regime for optimal results.

As with any purchase, it is good to know what other people who have purchased this product have to say about it, and one way to do that is by reading on line reviews. Read on to find out the truth about 6 Second Abs…

6 Second Abs Customer Feedback

Customers who have purchased this product say that they really like the fact that they can work on the fitness of their bodies from the comfort of their homes. This product also seems to help people who have back problems and are unable to traditional crunches.

Traditional crunches put a lot of pressure on the back, and with the 6 second Abs-Ab Crunch Machine, customers have said that the device allows them to fully ex cerise their stomachs without the strain on their backs that flat on the floor crunches cause.  This product is good for people who do not have time go to a gym, and good for those who have back problems but would still like sculpted abs.

Another heralded feature of the 6 Second Abs-Ab Crunch Machine is the program that comes with it.  The DVD and booklet give the purchaser the information that they need to achieve the best results with the machine.  Many people like the fact that they are guided step by step into a healthier lifestyle with the use of the DVD and diet and exercise booklet.  Customers who have purchased this machine also compliment the workout they are getting in their lower abs because of the resistance bands, and many other satisfied customers say that they have achieved results in as little as a week, only using the machine combined with diet and cardio for a week.

The downside?

The chief complaint that many customers have had when purchasing the 6 second Abs-Ab Crunch Machine, is the quality of parts used in its construction.  Many customers have complained that machine is poorly made, and has broken after a week or two of use.  Another complaint from customers who have already purchased this item, is that if they are already in relatively good shape, the machine does not really help them to make more progress toward their goal of sculpted abdominal muscles.

This product seems to need to be handled with care, and should be used by those who are at a moderate to low fitness level.

Final Conclusion

When making the purchase of any product, it is important to know what you are getting when you fork over your hard earned money.  The 6 Second Abs-Ab Crunch Machine, does well when used correctly with the correct diet and the right amount of cardio.

If you are thinking about buying this product for yourself, then you need to be prepared to follow the entire regime in order to get the best results.  Using the machine occasionally, will probably not yield the results you were expecting, so if you want that 6 pack, follow the instructions that come with the product.

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