6 Easy Steps to help you install a water purifier on your faucet


How to Install the Water Purifier on a Faucet

Water filters are compatible with most faucets. With some household tools and a slight knowledge of adapters and plumbing, you will be able to install a purifier on your faucet. There are some good water filter types in most retail or grocery stores. Pick the one that is reasonably priced and available when replacement is needed. The following are the steps that will guide you successfully install a water purifier on a faucet, which is also the cheapest water filtration method.

1. Find out what the faucet has for external or internal hardware at the opening. If your facet has a drop-down opening, unscrew it using pliers or channel locks. If it doesn’t have a drop-down outlet, find out whether there are threads inside the faucet outlet.

2. Look at the openings of the faucet and find out whether the drop-down was fixed to internal or external threads on the head of the faucet. You will need to fasten the filter base to the threads if the threads are external. But if there is a regulator, you need to take it out and attach it to the drop-down plumbing thread and screw the base in place. It is necessary that you take the faucet apart before shopping for water filter in order to determine what is required.

3. Wrap thread seal or pipe tape around the threads of the adapter and tighten firmly to the faucet head. The base of the water filter has an internal gasket that prevents leakage when crewed firmly. This step will not be necessary if the faucet head has external threads.

4. Fasten the base on the adapter or faucet head securely

5. Put the water filter into the base following the guidelines that come with the base and filter.

6. Read the instructions for using the water filter.

There is usually a testing stage for the filter where water will run through and then flushed. Several faucet water filters have LED lights that show when the filter is working properly and when it has stopped working. On the expiration of the filter, you only need to replace the filter rather than the base, but this may require re-priming the filter yet again.

Further precautions to take

Make sure you turn off the water flow before installing to guard against mistakenly spraying yourself. You will find the shut-off valve under the sink, which you can easily turned off by hand.

When removing the faucet aerator, make sure to use a wrapped cloth and remove with care to protect the finish. Do not discard the aerator because it will be very useful when you want to remove the purifier.

Your installation will be less tedious without the attached filter bottle, so unless you feel it is very important, leave that part for now. After attaching the water purifier to the faucet, assemble other units such as the water filter bottle and other parts that came with your system.

Turn on the water and watch carefully whether there is any leak. If you discover any leaks, tighten more until it is completely sealed.


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