6 8 Cup Coffee Makers


The 6 8 coffee makers are great, good in the kitchen. It is two feet tall. Ice and water are placed in the top jar and drips through the regulation of water through the valve in the center.

The coffee is immersed and ends up in the flask at the bottom of the tower. With a unique three-hour process using pure ice water, ice drip coffee creates a unique taste that is not found in a regular brewed coffee. It is easy to use. You only put plain water and coffee grounds in the brewer.

You are ready to go. The 6 8 cup coffee makers included a permanent ceramic filter mechanism. The 6 8 cup coffee makers contains 32 oz and available in black or brown stained. Wooden base dimensions 10-3/4 “X 11-3/4″

By brewing your coffee slowly with ice water, the harsher oils in the ground coffee are not brought out. The last brew is much quieter than conventional brew machines.

These great 6 8 Cup Coffee Makers are used in very good condition.

Made in New York. Beautiful, polished stainless steel case with black plastic handles. This 6 8 cup coffee makers has a clear plastic top so you can actually see the coffee perking. Cups on the sides of the pot of 2, 4, 6, and 8, you can use the exact amount you need. Fully automatic, starts perking up only when you plug it in, you will know why it is called a super fast, with zero sacrifices in quality. During the brewing is done automatically switches to “keep warm ” mode. Another great feature of the 6 8 cup coffee makers is that you can unplug the cable from the pot and take it to the table, or leave it connected, and it will keep the coffee hot as long as you want.

Interior of the pot, like all other parts are bright stainless steel. The basket, lid and stem from all in very good condition with normal light wear. The base and handle are nice and shiny and in good shape. It comes with original vinyl cable unit, also in excellent condition.

You will have great satisfaction and provide quality concepts. The 6 8 cup coffee makers are really superior in quality and style.

The 6 8 Cup Coffee Makers pot is clean, inside and out.

Fully tested, they performed beautifully and will make a nice pot of coffee! It measures nearly 10 inches high this can be seen from above on the top, and on 8 “snout to the tip of the handle.

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