Fushigi Balls Review


I love your Fushigi Ball site and I’m so glad I found it. Yesterday I was in Venice Beach and saw two guys doing this awesome trick with fushigi balls. At the time I didn’t know what they were called but there was a group of people watching in total amazement and I was one of them.

These guys played around for about 45 minutes before I had to interrupt them and ask what the heck they were doing. There were not professional jugglers or anything like that, they just said they were practicing Fushigi.  They had seen it on television and had theirs for about a month or so.

They let me try and I was terrible, I could quite grasp the basics but when I left I could not stop thinking about how absolutely cool it was and I needed to have one. I called a bunch of stores and nobody sold them. Not toy stores, not magic stores or even hobby stores.

I hate ordering things online but you guys seem to be one of the only places to get them so I ordered one. I thought the shipping was a little expensive but compared to the other ones I saw on Amazon (that were not even Fushigi Balls)it was still cheaper.

Put some more videos up of people teaching tricks because when I get mine I really want to learn.

Chip A.
Santa Monica, CA


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