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Ab Coaster current owners describe it as an enhanced simulator of the hanging leg raise, and this is a remarkably accurate summary. Much like leg raises (one of the most effective and intensive abdominal exercises), the Ab Coaster engages the abdominals from the bottom up, and will be a welcome addition to anyone’s fitness regimen given that the lower abdominals are an all too frequently neglected part of the core. However, the Ab Coaster not only works out the lower abs: Through its revolutionary rolling track, users slide up and down the arc, crunching then releasing, using each section of the core dependent on the progress of the crunch. As such, while the Ab Coaster reviews were accurate with the hanging leg raises analogy, the Ab Coaster also simulates the most popular basic abdominal exercise: The crunch. A high-end, gym standard machine, the Ab Coaster not only provides a back strain free workout for your abdominals, it’s also fun! Just put it in front of the television and coast away. The intense nature of workout and high muscular activation secures the Ab Coaster’s place among our list of some of the best ab machines that work. Whether it is the single best ab machine is open to debate, however the Ab Coaster is certainly in the running.

Based on the Ab Coaster reviews page, product features are:

  • Off the floor design for crunches with zero strain on the back
  • Sliding carriage which glides along the curved track
  • Full abdominal workout thanks to extended range of motion
  • Resistance can be increased via use of plate loading posts
  • 1 year warranty on the frame, 90 day warranty on pads

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Even with its significantly higher price relative to its competitors, the Ab Coaster reviews are the most positive of any abdominal training machine, even outshining those of the Ab Doer Twist. The fact that customers are still very happy even when they have paid a lot more for their item speaks volumes for the quality of the Ab Coaster, and it is for this reason that many consider the Ab Coaster to be the best ab machine in existence. Unlike the Ab Circle Pro, the Ab Coaster is NOT made cheaply; a commercial version is used in many fitness centers, gyms and health clubs, while the home version has by popular demand been manufactured recently for the general public to buy. Due to its relatively short time on the market, the number Ab Coaster reviews is a lot less than, say, veterans such as the Ab Circle, but there is nonetheless a sufficient total of Ab Coaster reviews to come to a reliable conclusion as to the general quality of the machine.

Out of all the positive Ab Coaster reviews, the best one has to be a truly inspiring story of a man who, previous to his Ab Coaster use, had to undergo knee surgery for a fractured kneecap due to his massive 280 pound weight, at just 30 years of age. At this weight, his body was too weak to perform crunches and his back would be under considerable stress and pain, and it is in situations like these where the Ab Coaster truly comes into its own. It is absolutely ideal – and remarkably effective – for people who, due to being overweight or other reasons, may be in too much pain to perform traditional on the floor crunches or leg raises. To cut a long story short, this man has since lost a colossal 100 lbs and is at a formidable 6% body fat, and in his Ab Coaster review, he credits the Ab Coaster with putting him on the road to success. Many overweight people have the problem that the variety of traditional exercises may be too strenuous on bones or joints, or they simply may not have the strength yet to perform them. The Ab Coaster has done a brilliant job at enabling such people to get a great start, all the while catering for advanced users too, via the plate loading posts which increase resistance.

There are only two or three Ab Coaster reviews that are negative, and one of these Ab Coaster reviews claims that the Ab Coaster is ‘dangerous’ because the reps can be performed very fast. That is true if you do perform reps fast – and thus neglect proper form – but if you do them slowly, use proper form and allow your abdominals to feel the burn, the Ab Coaster is perfectly safe. The same general advice applies to any workout machine, really – do it too fast and you will injure yourself. As for the other two negative Ab Coaster reviews, one customer had an issue with the rollers wearing out. The only cause of this could be overloading the weight – the unit has a limit of 300 lbs on it. The other negative Ab Coaster review simply stated that the unit ‘didn’t work’ on arrival and did not expand on that at all, so it’s hard to substantiate either way, or to offer any possible solutions.

My overall verdict: If you have the money, of all the ab machines, the Ab Coaster is the best ab machine period, unless money is tight, in which case the Ab Doer Twist is a great, and more varied (though less professional) alternative. The Ab Doer Twist is still a part of the exclusive club of ab machines that work, and is considerably cheaper, though not quite as stellar as the Ab Coaster.


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