Despite the ease and convenience of buying a commercial cupcake carrier, some folks do still want to create their homemade carrier. This can be due to frugal or personalization reasons. In any cases, you will find the following useful as we select 10 different homemade cupcake carrier designs from various blogs who have posted their instructions on how to make them.

Design idea #1: Cardboard + wrapping paper

Coming from a blog called parties for pennies, the author (Heidi Rew) did a great job in providing a step by step instruction guide on how to make use of simple materials such as a plain box, wrapping paper etc to create this sweet looking homemade cupcake carrier.

Design idea #2: Use a shoe box!

This idea by Journey of Grace‚Äôs Lisa shows us how easy it is to create a DIY carrier. All that needs to be done is to create crosses in a shoebox lid. : )

Design idea #3: Print paper box lids

This is a rather quick and interesting way to transport your cupcakes. Just flipped the box lid for any printing paper box and you will have an instant solution. This idea comes from cre8andrecre8.

Design idea #4: Using cereal box

Another interesting idea to make cupcake carrier. This time, the author from moneysavingqueen.com uses a cereal box to create a temporary carrier that is eco friendly.

 Design idea #5: No fuss

Kristin from CardsandGiftWrap.com.au gave us a non fuss way of making a cupcake carrier. All the materials you need are recycled, thus making this an environmentally friendly idea as well.

If none of the ideas presented here appeal to you, maybe you should considering buying a commercial 36 cupcake carrier or a vintage cupcake carrier.


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