5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Solutions


Your are not Limited to Plastic Bottled Water…


5 gallon water bottle container is the most popular choice used in the water delivery service.

5 gal. is an ideal size – compact enough for easy handling, while providing plenty of drinking water storage for most family homes and work offices.

Depending on whether you are looking to buy a 5 gallon bottle for use with a ceramic water crock dispenser or freestanding water coolers, the options will vary for the best type of material and accessories to go with it.

To get the best 5 gal. water bottle for your money, here are few of the important things to look for, before you call a bottled water company:

5 Gallon Bottle Accessories

Bottle Cap

5 gallon water bottle caps will prevent any spilling by enabling direct connection with the dispenser or water cooler base. Just make sure your water dispenser does support a spill free top. If not, the screw on cap needs to be removable and you might need to buy a separate lid for safe storage of the extra 5 gal. bottle when not in use.

Carry Handle

An integrated handle as part of the container will make replacing and carrying the bottles an easy job, because 5 gallons of water is quite cumbersome to carry. A built-in 5 gallon water bottle holder will be especially handy when you try to load a new full water bottle into the dispenser unit, or washing an empty one for refilling purposes.

Types of Material


Plastic 5 gallon polycarbonate water bottle is the industry standard. It is sturdy, durable, light, resistant to leakage and cracks, and is very cheap to replace in case one accidentally breaks. However, health concerns regarding use of Bispherol-A (BPA) – a chemical present in plastic bottles with recycling symbol number 7; and other potentially hazardous substances to human health associated with plastic has raised some worry in environment-conscious consumers.

The solution to BPA free plastic container is 5 gallon polyethylene terephthalate water bottle, also known as disposable PET plastic bottles (recycling symbol #1). Previously, PET storage containers were only used once and then recycled, but with good wash using dishwasher detergent to completely sanitize the bottle, it can be refilled and used repeatedly. Note that handles cannot be made of PET plastic, because it is not rigid enough, so when recycling, the handles has to be cut off.

Both Polycarbonate and PET 5 gallons water bottle storage solutions are virtually indestructible, reusable many times and approved by FDA standards.

Other option is personal stainless water bottle. The steel containers can be expensive, and impart metal taste into the drinking water if kept for too long. So not many drinkers like to keep purified water in stainless steel covers.

For 100% purity, 5 gallon glass water bottle would be your best option. With glass, you won’t have to worry about imparted impurity or any kind of contamination. However, it is a bit heavy and hard to transport, as well as complicated to install on your water crock dispenser. This, obviously, makes the glass water bottle delivery cost much more than standard plastic refilling services. Additionally, not all companies supply glass bottles.

Drinking Water Pump


Don’t have a water cooler or crock unit? You can buy a 5 gallon water bottle dispenser pump. These are usually manually operated and sold separately as hand pump for 3 to 5 gal. water bottle dispensing.

They act pretty much like drinking water faucets and have tubes to dispense purified water. You will need to position your 5 gallon water jug or bottle in upright position and install the pump to the top. To pump out water, it just needs pressing at the top of the pump to create pressure in the air champers.

A 5 gallon water bottle pump is great for emergency situations, when your freestanding cooler or dispenser may be out of order for repair. The pump is also best for travel occasions; or sports events, such as outdoor camping trips, because they are portable, collapsible and inexpensive to purchase.

Note: this hand pump is only useful for water carriers without a dispensing faucet, it can not be used in conjunction with a stand alone 5 gallon water cooler.

Thinking of refilling the bottle with tap water? Read this article about the risk of contamination when refilling water cooler bottles with kitchen sink water.


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