With cupcakes now being a permanent part of our dietary lives, I am starting to see more and more cupcake furniture being sold in the market. I guess this is for the cupcake stores that have been springing up as well as for the really passionate cupcake lovers. Anyway, regardless of whether you are buying cupcake furniture for your store or home, here are 7  of my personal favorites.

#1: Cupcake clock

This cute looking look will look great on any walls. Note that there is no glass covering the clock. It is just a wooden surface with the clock hands attached to it. However, the design is the winning value proposition here.

#2: Cupcake bean bag

A very sizeable bean bag that can be used as little table or as a back support. If you want to sit on it, note that there is no back support and you probably need to unstuff it a little but it feels very comfortable. Otherwise, this kids cupcake furniture looks great in terms of colors and design.

#3: Cupcake coffee table

Never seen anything cuter than this cupcake coffee table.  This table measures 16 inches tall, 14 inches in diameter, perfect for any cupcake cafes.

#4: Cupcake pillows

Well made pillows that are comfortable to hold. The bright colors make this a perfect furniture accessory for a girl’s room. Prices are also very cheap and can be bought by even the most budget conscious family.

#5 Cupcake canvas wall art

This adorable canvas wall art measures 18 x 1.5 x 14 inches and weighs 3 pounds.  It can be easily cleaned using slightly damp cloth.

#6: Cupcake bedding sets

This highly rated cupcake bedding set for a toddler bed come with fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow case and comforter. It can be machine washed and the material holds up quite well after each wash.

#7: Cupcake soap dispenser

It is a cute cupcake furniture accessories for the kitchen. It holds quite a bit of soap but needs to refill once it reaches half capacity.


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