Given the popularity of cake pops, there is a now a demand for DIY cake pop carriers. Of course you can always buy some if you want some more professional. I have recommended some in this post of the best cake pop carriers. For those who want something homemade, here are 4 simple ideas to get you started.

Idea #1: Using egg trays as cake pops carrier

homemade cake pop carrier

This is as simple as it can get. Get a empty egg tray. Place something heavy inside to prevent it from topping. Using either staples or masking tape to keep the egg tray from opening up. Then just insert the cake pop sticks into them as shown above.

Idea 2: Cake pop stands

homemade cake pop stand

This simple ideas needs a box that have depth. Fill the box with things like pebbles or other small stones. Once that is done, you can stick in the cake pops and they should have no problem standing out.

Idea 3: Use styrofoam

DIY cake pop carrier

For this DIY project, you will need a fairly large piece of Styrofoam board. Small pieces wouldn’t work because the cake pops will just make the whole board topple. Just find another old pieces lying around in your house. To make it more pleasing to the eye, you can wrapped the Styrofoam with some wrapped paper such as the green color version that you see above.  Once that is done, you are ready to use it as a cake pop holder or carrier.

Idea 4:  Elegant cake pop carrier

cake pop carrier DIY

If you something that looks really nice, try this tutorial here that give you step by step instructions on how to make this gorgeous looking cake pop carrier. It takes a bit of effort but the results speak for themselves.


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