3500 Watt Solar Generators


Power outages happen when we least expect it and last for an indefinite amount of time. For the times when a power outage lasts for a couple days or more, it’s a good idea to have a backup generator to run some of your emergency appliances such as your refrigerator (so your food doesn’t go bad). But most generators consume gas, and that can be expensive if you’re in a pinch. But with the use of 3500 watt solar generators, all you need for fuel is sunlight.

A generator is by no means a permanent replacement. It’s good if you’re out camping in a cabin that has no electricity for a few days, or in the aforementioned power outage, but that’s about it. The thing that makes them more temporary is their general cost of upkeep.

A typical generator uses gasoline to keep itself running. How much gas it consumes depends on the generator, but if you’re running power to an entire house, you can bet that it won’t last long. So unless you have easy access to a gas station and deep pockets, it’s not a practical replacement.

But that’s what makes a solar generator so convenient. Not only will they help you just as efficiently as a gas-powered generator, but the actual upkeep is infinitely cheaper. In fact, it’s free! All you need for it is a sunny location and time to charge, both of which should be pretty easy.

The only problem with a solar generator as oppose to a gas-powered one is that solar energy is typically very weak. That is to say that it takes a lot of it to equal the same level of charge. So most 3500 watt solar generators are quite big and can weigh up to 2000 pounds, so they can actually be rather impractical if you don’t have the room.

So if you’re looking for a good backup for those emergency situations, then 3500 watt solar generators are the perfect thing. They may be initially more expensive (not to mention a lot bigger) than a gas-powered generator, but at least you won’t be paying any more for it. And the best part about them is you can run them for (virtually) as long as you need to, so you’ll always have backup no matter how long you are without electricity.

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