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What is The Best 3000 Watt Generator to Buy?

The first thing that you should be aware of if you are interested in buying a 3000 watt inverter generator is that it will not be cheap to buy.

This is because of of the higher power output that it will provide.

However on the plus side you will be getting a generator which will be very useful during an emergency such as a blackout or power outage.

The other benefit of buying a 3000 watt portable inverter generator is that it will be far more compact and lighter than a conventional home generatot.

This will make it a lot easier to transport, making it an ideal propsition if you are going camping or for using in a motor home.

Best 3000 Watt Inverter Generator

Because you will be spending a fair bit of money, you will want to make sure that you are getting the most for your purchase.

There are a few different brands of 3000 watt generators for sale, so deciding which is going to be the best 3000 watt generator for you is not always the easiest thing in the world.

The best way to decide what 3000 watt inverter generator to buy is to look at not just the best price, but also to look at what other people who have purchased that particular model have to say about it.

Typically most people would look at a number of 3000 watt generator reviews before deciding which one to buy.

However we have done the homework for you and chosen 2 different models for you based on buyer reviews, popularity, and reliability.

Best 3000 Watt Inverter Generator – 2 Top Models

  • Yamaha EF3000iSE 3000 Watt Invert Generator

Yamaha make some of the best home generators there are, and the Yamaha EF3000iSE follows their pattern of providing top quality generators for home use.

Best 3000 Watt Inverter Generator to Buy

This is a carb compliant gas powered generator with a 171cc engine. This inverter generator has an electric start which is much easier than having to pull a coil a dozen times to get it started.

It has a low oil protection feature tat allows it to switch off once the oil reaches a certain level.

The Yamaha EF3000iSE inverter generator is a top end product with absolutely no reliablity issues. The reviews on this 3000 watt inverter generator are excellent from buyers.

Comments From Buyers

  • “Runs smooth and worth every penny”
  • “Plenty of power”
  • “You will be in awe of how quiet this runs”
  • “We have been using this for 6+ years without complaint”
  • “What a great machine!”
  • “Does everything I hoped for”

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The Yamaha EF3000iSE 3000 Watt inverter generator does not come cheap, but you are getting a lot for your money. The normal retail price is around the $2200.00 mark, but you can get free delivery and a 10% at Amazon, making it the cheapest price that we have found.

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  • Ramsond Sinemate 3500 Watt Inverter Generator

The Ramsond Sinemate 3500 Watt is not only a great compact home generator, people buy it to use for camping, RVs, boats, and fishing trips.

3000 watt generator reviews

It weighs just 75 pounds, which is very light for a portable generator that offers this kind of power output.

This 3000 watt digital inverter generator has 150cc engine and delivers 35000 watts of power. Its pure sine wave digital inverter technology not only makes it more fuel efficient, it also ensures there will be no power surges which protects any sensitive electrical equipment.

This particular model is one of the best selling 3000 watt inverter generators around.

Its not only its features that makes it so popular, the price of this inverter generator makes it the clincher for most people.

Ramsond Sinemate 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews From Buyers

  • “This one gets my recommedation”
  • “Ramsond produces a quality product”
  • “It is super quiet”
  • “For the money it’s good”
  • “Works great, nice price”
  • “for money you can not go wrong with this!”
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Normally you would have to pay around $1500.00 for this model, however we have found that you can get a very big discount of 46% at Amazon, and it gets shipped at no extra cost.

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Which is The Best 3000 Watt Inverter Generator?

Overall the Yamahe 3000 watt inverter generator is the best because it has been a best seller for a number of years, and people keep buying it.

However in this current climate of financial hardship, not everyone is going to be able to afford to buy the Yamaha Inverter Generator.

This is why we feel that for most people, the best 3000 watt inverter generator to buy has to be the Ramsond Sinemate 3500

It has a higher power output than the Yamaha, and it is half the price.

We would have to say that when it comes to value for money, the Ramsond Sinemate 3500 has to be the best 3000 watt generator to buy.

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