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Hi there! If you’re curious about the 30 Second Smile and would like to know how it works and how it could possibly bring your teeth and gums into better health, then you’ve made a smart decision by visiting this page. Read on to know what it actually does, its advantages and disadvantages, and real user reviews.

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What Is 30 Second Smile?

Many of today’s improved toothbrushes spin, beep, and oscillate. They also use timers and sonic technology where brush heads vibrate at high rates of speed. 30 Second Smile on the other hand, operates with a new and advanced technology. It has 6 micro brushes that are designed to remove human error, and make sure that you get the proper brushing every time. It uses Bass brushing technique – the preferred method that dentists and periodontists recommend. Its patented ‘can’t make a mistake’ design automatically positions the bristles at the perfect angle for cleaning and saving your teeth, removing plaques, and massaging your gums. All you have to do is bite and guide.

How Does It Work?

It is said that you can only get to appreciate the difference of this toothbrush buy using it as it is fast and automatic once you put in your mouth. It apparently works in 1/4th the time used by all other power toothbrushes, and 1/6th the time of any manual brush. The 6 microbrush heads will surround your teeth in soft bristles at the perfect 45 degree angle and will automatically clean the top, bottom, front, back, and biting surfaces of your teeth all at the same time. That makes brushing with this product for only 30 seconds compared to 3 minutes with a single headed toothbrush.

30 Second Smile uses automated optimum pressure so you do not have to wonder how much pressure you need to apply. This prevents you from brushing vigorously which could cause gum problems. The wrap-around head of the brush exerts equalized gentle pressure on both inner and outer surfaces. This keeps your teeth and gums from abrasion.

Is It Safe To Use?

Major clinical studies revealed that the product is absolutely safe for anyone who is looking for a higher quality of oral hygiene. The product is designed to provide you with gentle stimulation of the gums as recommended by dental professionals. Independent studies and clinical studies conducted by the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry and University of Tennessee, Health Science Center Study support that the 30 Second Smile assures abrasion proof brushing’ and that it is a proven safe, well accepted and effective device with no side effects.

The product is even known to be safe for kids. The 30 Second Smile has special brushes especially designed for little ones. The patented multi-micro heads are small and fit easily into the mouth. This ensures children are receiving the proper brushing and oral care they need.


  • Cleans all surfaces. Thoroughly cleans teeth from front, back, and biting surfaces. It also comes with a tongue cleaner.
  • Reverses gingivitis in 2 weeks. The brush is designed to restore your gums to a higher level of health. It cleans and massages your gums.
  • Easy to use and time-efficient. Just bite and guide and the brush will do it all in just 30 seconds. Even kids can easily use it.
  • Keeps you away from the dentist. Your teeth are kept shiny and clean while your gums are also in good health.


  • Expensive. Compared to conventional brushes, this system is relatively pricier.
  • Requires battery. You will need to replace batteries once you feel the power of the brush is diminished.


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