2000 Watt Quiet Generator Steele Products SP-GG200


When you are buying a portable generator what are the things you need to keep in mind? The answer largely depends on where you are going to use it.

A generator converts gasoline into electricity; so naturally you want to know how efficiently it does that, how many units of energy does it give you per gallon of fuel?

How much power in watts can it supply, how big a gadget can you operate, how many bulbs can it light up. This 2000 watt quiet generator by Steele Products model SP-GG2200 is the answer.

How much maintenance is it going to need? Weight is extremely important for a portable machine, since you might want to take it to the mountains for operating a radio transmitter, or even to light up an adventure camp for school kids.

Noise is another factor, since the noise level, which may be OK for a factory, or a garage may not be acceptable around your home or for campers on a remote mountain. Let us see what Steel Products has to offer in this Gas Powered Generator it brings us?

The name itself tells half the tale. It is a 2000 watt quiet generator, so, running at half the full output (nothing is supposed to run continuously at full output, just as a car can not run continuously at full speed) good enough for lighting up ten one hundred watt bulbs, or twenty fluorescent tubes.

It is gas powered (not diesel powered, since diesel powered generators are heavy, noisy and trouble prone) and runs nine hours on the 1.3 gallons that the tank can hold, while supplying half its maximum power (that is 1000 watts)

The noise level of 68db is low, compared to others with similar power output. And at 60 lb, it is not heavy for nobody. Another nice feature is the DC option of 12V option which can be handy in many situations.

The generator is of the brush less type, which will give you years of hassle free service. Stroke for stroke, this 2000 watt 3 HP 4 stroke OHV Gas Powered Generator is the most viable choice.

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