15 Kw Generac Portable Generator


Every home and business needs a portable generator as a backup for an emergency situation. Especially those areas that experience extreme temperatures should invest in these products. The 15 kw Generac portable generator is an excellent choice.

Powered by an industrial grade engine, the 15 kw Generac portable generator is very powerful. It is great for use on a very large home or business. In fact, it can back up as many as sixteen circuits and start several five ton air conditioning units. It certainly features more than enough power for the average need.

This is also a generator that features a very fast response time. It can be quickly powered, delivering impressive power at the touch of a electric powered button. Many also appreciate the quietness that such a powerful engine can operate with. One of the main complaints of generators is that they are very loud while in operation. It is a great advantage that such a powerful device can run, yet offering peace and quiet with its distinctive low tone muffler.

This is also the only air cooled generator of its kind. The 15 kw Generac portable generator is designed to have a very long life expectancy possible. And with an engine that is continuously self lubricating, as well as a spin on oil filter, it is set up for success in every way possible.

This generator is easy to use and easily portable. It features thirteen inch heavy duty all terrain tires, so that it can be transported anywhere for any need very simply. And it also comes fully equipped with a wheel kit and a heavy duty lifting eye for the users convenience.

One cannot go wrong with a generator that has so many desirable features. Perfect for any electrical outage, it will prove a dependable and long lasting investment.

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