11 Tips to Select the Best Portable Generator


1.What to Know before Buying

The generator should be most recently made with advanced technologies and cool new features and must convenient to the market price. You must know the specifications, shipping info at your place, list of top rated generators and price discounts.

2.Safety Measures of the Generator

Try to keep the generator out of the poor ventilated and confined area. Also avoid basements, garages, attics and sheds. Try to keep it in dry and free from standing water or electrocution may occur. So you need to check carefully about the GFI breaker and a generator should provide the best safety measures.

3.Required Electrical Outlets

You need to assess the number, and electrical outlets that you will need and four standard outlets can fulfill the household demands. 120 Volt in the dashboard with locking receptacles of 30 amp need to use for the heavy powered appliances

4.Protection from Surge

Your generator needs a voltage breaker or it to keep appliances, electrical tools, devices safe from electrocution from a wet environment. Built in GFI breaker keeps the protection from the surge and minimizes the demurrage.

5.Level of Noise   

The worse will happen choosing a noisy generator at camping trips and the most painful experience with the noisy generator may be occurred with your neighbors. So go for the best muffler system and too quiet exhaust.

how to select the best portable generator

6.Sensor for automatic low oil shut down

The machine will be safer when the low fuel condition cannot affect the engine. So, clean and stable oil supply can ensure the better health of your machine. The automated low fuel shutdown can save the engine and give you a better generator life.

7.CARB Compliancy

California Air Resources Board (CARB) makes the certification for the allowable emissions and pollutants from the engine. In CA, you must need to meet the CARB guidelines and so forth for getting CARB compliant in other 50 states as well.

8.Get to check your running watt demands

You need to find the entire sum of running watt requirements of all the appliances that you are going to use from the generator. Now know about the surge watt and max running watt from the manual of the engine. Compare with your needs and the provided insurance from the generator.

9.Have more power than your demand

The most important thing to choose a portable generator is that if it will satisfy your demand or not. Find a generator that can give your required amount of power at its 50 to 80 percent load. The continuous load at the highest level may result to less durability or overheating can damage the engine.

10.Servicing and Warranties

You need to be very cleared about the servicing after buying it and the limitations that doesn’t support the warranty. The authorized service center should be nearby and how long the companies give you this privileges. However, most engine service mechanic can take care of the maintenance, repair and tune-ups along with or outside of the warranty.

11.Economical Fuel Consumption

The duration that you need to run the generator at your working site or home is needed to know for choosing the size of the fuel tank, the refueling status, the running time at certain load. Proper identification of running time for your generation is needed to be assessed and planned very well. Thus, the generator will serve you continuous temporary power supply.

Thus, the above considerations will make you choose perfectly for the best generator for you. The most economic, environment favorable, low fuel consumption, longer time running and refuelling with advanced technology for safety and ergonomic design are the some qualification that might help you to buy the best generator.


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