Need Helpful 100 Cup Coffee Maker Instructions?


Are you looking to buy a large 100 cup coffee maker? Maybe you just bought one and need some help to make it work perfectly? Below you will find instructions and tips on how to get the most out of 100 cuppers.

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Why Coffee Can Taste Bad in a 100 Cup Coffee Machine?

Taste, flavor and quality can be largely degraded in industrial 100 cup coffee makers, mainly because these machines aren’t designed for brewing gourmet coffee in mind, they’re more about commerciality, speed and efficiency.

The 100 cup machines serve two major purposes:

  • To save time and serve a large crowd, like in big social gatherings.
  • To reduce brewing cost and make it more economical, like in bars and restaurant that charge money for serving drinking coffee.

When is the 100 Cup Coffee Urn Good For?

The ability to produce many cups of coffee in a short amount of time is very important for occasions such as big weekend parties, Christmas , Halloween or business meetings. You want the robustness of an industrial machine all the while getting decently good quality coffee drinks.

Churches and social clubs are in demand for serving fast and good cups of coffee on Sunday mornings or throughout the day.

It’s probably more about speed rather than quality as pointed out above, so a 100 cup maker is usually not a good option for domestic use. For in home brewing, your money is better spent in a quality small coffee maker.

How Much Coffee to Use for 100 Cups?


There is really no exact science on this matter. Some large volume manufacturers use about 1.4 lb (or 635 g) – equivalent to 6 2/3 cups of coffee grinds for every 100 cups. This is usually the perfect formula for brewing good quality beans.

How Long does it Take to Brew 100 Coffee Cups?

It usually takes around 45 to 60 minutes. See the chart beside for your own reference.

How to Make Coffer Taste Better in 100 Cup Coffee Makers?

There is not much you can do to improve on flavor and greater taste on something as commercially oriented as the electric 100 cup large coffee makers. However, there are some commonly known techniques that work really well when brewing coffee in 100 cuppers:

  1. Always brew with clean and well rinsed pots. It is a well known fact that even low quality ground instant coffee can taste reasonably acceptable when brewed correctly in super clean pots.
  2. Use good quality coffee beans
  3. Warm the machine fully before the start
  4. Ensure water is boiled hot enough, ideally around 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit
  5. Remove the basket ones the perking is complete. This avoids the bitter taste when the steam cools down and drips back into the coffee pot, making it stronger than desired.
  6. Serve coffee as close to the event as possible.
  7. You can store excess coffee by pouring the rest of it into preheated insulated carafes. Do not keep them inside the vessel, as coffee will quickly loose temperature, unless the machine is designed specifically for that purpose.

What is the Best 100 Cup Coffee Maker to Buy?


West Bend 33600 100-Cup Commercial Coffee Urn

This large coffeemaker can brew up to 1 cup of coffee per minute, (consumers reported they could actually brew 100 cups under an hour). A nice feature most people like about this machine is its ability to automatically keep coffee warm inside the urn when you don’t consume it right away, without making it taste bitter. This is accomplished automatically. Just when the coffee is ready, the indicator light will switch on and the spigot comes out to prevent drips back from the lid.

The coffee level gauge is another handy indicator to have if you brew for more than 100 people and need to prepare many sessions of servings continuously. This is a convenient feature for brewing in places like: restaurant buffet during the morning breakfast, big company meetings, large offices, break rooms or Churches for the congregation.

This 100-cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker will make a nice addition to any place with its simple, yet polish elegant finish. It is also very easy for everyone to use, because the brewing instructions are printed right on the faceplate. Over all, it is far from being as good as a gourmet coffee maker, but this large machine is the best value for money in the 100 cups range.

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