10 Reasons Why K Pop is so popular?



As days move by, the internet has improved the connection of individuals across the globe.  From the look of things, the world could be holding an endless amount of media such as art and film.

 Have you seen the “Gangham Style” video?  If you have seen it, you may be feeling like you know a lot about Korean Pop music.  K pop brings about the meaning of talent. The way they approach their music videos is exclusive.  The hard work has set them different and shining.

 Below are ten reasons that make k pop so exclusively popular.

  1. Costumes and Color Theory

 When color and costume are used so well, they are more of what they are. K pop has this tendency of creatively using colors and costumes in their music videos.  There makeup and outfits always bring out the bests themes from their videos

  • Storytelling

 Who does not want to listen to stories, especially when they are as interesting as those utilized in many of the k pop’s music?

  • Personality

 Any one’s personality will tell you who they are. In this case, k pop is known for expressing their personality in their songs.  They have such a cute, unique and eye-popping character.

  • Fashion

 One of the best ways to express yourself is through the language of fashion.  The originality of the styles and fashion of Kpop Choices is far way better as compared to that of the western stars.  They go with the t5he current trend and ensure to interpret it correctly.

  • Addicting Melodies

  Their music is very addictive, and their lyrics allow you to sing along with them, just like other pop music.  Their lyrics will stick to your head so quickly, and by the time you will notice it, you are already singing with them till the end of the song.  How amazing.

  • Choreography

 K pop artists have dominated the choreography world.  They have got a professional dancer who invests their time and resources to perform challenging routines, to entertain their fans.  From their performances, it seems that they are skilled.

  • Training

 Mentorship is critical in any music industry.  There is no point in growing famous within a brief period, yet not well groomed.  Unlike other pop stars, k pop’s artists are well groomed for a reasonable period, and that makes them outstanding and exclusive in the pop industry.

  • Diverse talent

 Art is comprehensive, and if you can get singers who can act, it becomes even more beautiful.  Several stars cannot act. Therefore, it makes k-pop stars outstanding.

  • Multilingual

 If your song is to be liked by people from all over the world, you need to add in their cultures too; this is precisely what they do.  They mostly mix their language with some English in it.

  1. High concept groups

 Apart from shining generally, k pop has set up various groups of bands such as bts merchandise.This is great as it promotes and improves the talents of many other young people.

 The bottom line

 Many people dream of being pop stars, but South Koreans have done it exceptionally. While their neighbors are looking for where to get the next meal of the day, they are busy making it happen with their k-pop music.  It does not matter what you go through, but what you put in will always give a result. –


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