10 Kw Silent Diesel Generator – Perfect Residential Generator


At your home, cottage or trailer park, a 10 kw silent diesel generator is your best bet for power on demand without annoying the neighbors.

While not completely, 100% silent, any generator bearing the word “silent” means that relative to most diesel generators, this particular model would be as quiet or perhaps even quieter, than a lawnmower.

This is great news, as most urban and suburban areas have noise by-laws or limits that would hinder the use of some types of residential generators. Check your municipal laws regarding noise, such as maximum decibels allowed and quiet hours in your area.

If you’re familiar with diesel engines, say, in a truck, you know they run noisy. A silent diesel generator is protected in a housing made of soundproof material or acoustic shield. Materials used in the space industry keep generators quiet and also protect the area around the generator from heat. Frequently, a silencer is put on the exhaust for added noise reduction.

There are quite a few videos on the internet demonstrating how quietly a silent diesel generator can operate.

At 10kw, a silent diesel generator should be rated for 30,000 of continuous use. The amount of diesel fuel that your generator will consume is not solely dependent on the size of the motor, but the size of the load that it’s bearing.

If you are powering your small RV, you would use less diesel than a cottage or a house. Suffice to say that compared to living without electricity, particularly when severe weather may knock you off the grid for several days, the dollars you’d spend on diesel are minute.

The tank should hold enough diesel to operate the generator for at least 12 hours. Other features to look for in your 10kw diesel generate include remote start, automatic voltage regulator, a low fuel indicator and battery. The battery is used when you require your generator on a continuous basis. It will take over operating the generator while you change the oil or re-fuel.

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