10 Kw Generac Guardian Generator


In case of an unexpected power outage, every home should protect itself by investing in a good high quality generator that is dependable. The 10 kw Generac guardian generator is just such a device, with the power needed to back up a three ton air conditioner, water heater, or even well pump. When you need your essentials to be running, this generator can get the job done.

The engine on the 10 kw Generac guardian generator is very high class, making the entire model very dependable and long lasting. The engine has a much longer life expectancy than most other similar models, and also will require much fewer maintenance or troubleshooting sessions.

Additionally, this engine is incredibly quite during operation. This is one of the most common complaints among consumers: that the generator makes such a loud noise while it is running. However, this problem has been eliminated with the foam sound reduction panels that were integrated into this model.

The 10 kw Generac guardian generator also offers a very easy installation process that makes it practical for the average homeowner. It can be packaged with a pre-wired transfer switch, and it does come with a mounting pad so that one will not need a concrete base on which to place it. It also is fully enclosed and protected in a steel casing, so that one need not worry about weathering, even when it is placed in an exposed outdoor area.

This model features an easy to read LCD display that shows all functions clearly. From this panel, one can control the settings or simply monitor the functions at a glance. There is also an hour meter, providing up to date information about maintenance and other necessary checkups. This model offers excellent value in a generator that will last for years to come.

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