10 Gallon Water Cooler


Buying Guide & Best 10 Gallon Water Container Reviews

Are you looking to buy a 10 gallon water cooler for beverage drinks or home brewing like MLT (mash/lauter tun)?


In this guide we will look at how to choose, inspect and only purchase top rated and best selling 10 gallon water containers to save you money while getting the most value for any given price range.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a 10 gal water dispenser is its ability to keep temperature stable; durability to withstand rough handling when transported on the back of the car; and imprint meets OSHA standards for drinking water portable containers.

If you brew, it should hold temperature long enough to properly do the job of smashing when brewing. For camping or commercial industrial plants use, it should keeping liquid beverage cold or hot throughout entire trip, sports events or outdoor activities.

What to Look For?

Unlike 2, 3 or the most widespread 5 gallon water bottles, With 10 gallon industrial water cooler, the volume increases immensely and heat is easily dissipated if the lid is left open for too long.

  1. To compensate for heat loss or gain, manufacturers like Igloo or Rubbermaid use thick layers of foam with Ultratherm insulation to achieve almost 100% tight seal when the lid is closed.
  2. Leakage also happens if the faucet dispenser is not sealed tight and insulated. So look for containers which provide recessed fast flow faucet design, drip proof spigot and ideally with dual gasket system for improve insulation.
  3. 10 gallons of water is quite heavy to move around, so make sure the carry handle is made of heavy duty material and supported by metal screws rigidly mounted on ABS plastic back up (also known as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). You don’t want to risk the slightest potential of breaking the handles, as that would be a fatal accident if the cooler is fully filled.
  4. Plastic case used to make the water dispenser must not chip, rust buckle or peel.
  5. To retain color and appearance after years of heavy use, good quality industrial water containers use UV stabilizers to prevent fading.

Best 10 Gallon Water Coolers


Igloo Commercial 10 Gallon Beverage Cooler

This is a super rugged dispenser with a recessed nozzle. It comes with very study handle and can support extra rough truck mount for secure mounting into any vehicle for any road conditions.

You can buy some lesser incarnations, but here is the best balance between safety and cost (the lowest price for the quality make and useful features in 10 gallons range). The container comes in bright yellow color with red lid for easy identification; can be purchased in  dark green – more suitable for industrial applications or keeping alcohols like margaritas and high gravity beers.


Rubbermaid 10 Gallon Water Cooler

Rubbermaid is slightly cheaper than Igloo. The major difference is in the design and plastic material being used. The side handles are solidly attached to the body instead of screw on top carry handles as seen on Igloo coolers.

Their models come in very affordable budget prices, and are best suited for domestic home brewers, where you won’t be moving the container a lot, or it won’t be exposed in a rough fashion as commercial Igloo water coolers.

Note: if you make a large commercial order of multiple 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 gallon water cooler containers, some vendors like home depot will offer free shipping as discount. Be sure to ask before you pay.


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